What I Learned Building beasts for Inktober

The Inktober build a beast challenge is over and I survived. It was a challenge for sure but I was always excited to dive into the next drawing. I found that if I could stay a little ahead, the pressure was off. It was manageable although some of my other projects lost a bit of attention. I was only able to ink a page and a half of The Pod and one small illustration. I was productive for sure but as always it never felt like enough. The creation is like a drug, a small fix is not enough and neither is a big one. It really says something about my personality.

What I learned was when the topic seemed hard or impossible I almost always surprised myself. As time went on It seems I tended to enjoy the looser drawings with lots of texture. My style would shift slightly depending on the monster that was chosen or perhaps due to the idea I had about where to take it. The more drawings I had under my belt the less daunting it became. I can see why a lot of artists lose their way or get behind during this challenge. Many follow their whims and if a new thing comes along it will always be more interesting, not to mention all the other life obligations. For me though It was either discipline, determination or just plain stubbornness that kept me on track. If I set my mind to something there will need to be a big obstacle to change my mind.

Another thing that I learned was creating a story in my head about the creature yielded better results. Forcing the mind to add little details to tell a story instead of just trying to create something cool. I’m definitely glad I did this and a little sad it’s over. One monster I didn’t randomly roll was Cthulhu and I am disappointed with that, so I think I’ll have to draw one this month. I have some ideas for a larger drawing we’ll just have to see where that goes. I don’t like every drawing I did but I do have some favorites. Perhaps I’ll make a zine of them in the future. Here are the rest of my creations for the month.

Come on, tell me what you think?