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        Site: www.www.lukewelchart.com
        E-mail: dmfm168@163.com

        Shanghai Yongde Food Machinery Co.,LTD.
        Add: NO.55 West Hangnan Road Fengxian Zhuanghang Europe Industria Zone Shanghai
        Tel: 86-21-57461818 57462988
        Fax: 86-21-57462288

        Ninbo Xiangshan Food Equipment Factory
        Add: Xiabanhe Industria Zone Dancheng Xiangshan Zhejiang
        Tel: 86-0574-65722309 65715580
        Fax: 86-0574-65726901
        Shanghai Yongde Food Machinery Co., LTD. Ningbo Xiangshan Food Equipment Factory isa well-known enterprise in food, beverage and machinery industries.
        As an excellent project service and process technique supplier in fluid equipment walk, it has owned leading techniqueall along. Since its establishment, the company has setupits international standards, that is, closely watching the service and exchange with customers, tryingto get clients most widely through the factory and its project design force, and maintaining productsquality. The enterprise has passed ISO9001: 2000quality system verification and won the title of Ningbo Export Products Quality Inspe-ction-free Enterprise. According to customers'special demand, we bring forth most constructive and individual service for the whole factory and the desiqn plan of production lines.
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        All-Sided After-sales service
        We'll try our best to provide final products that meet your requirements. At the same time, we'll put more emphases on enforcement of ' Users' Satisfaction More>>